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The Age
First things first, check out the great plug that Political Asylum got in today's Age!!!
   Link: Crusaders of a lost art

This Month
Now, for those of you who missed the show at the Brunswick Green on November 8, a recap:
It went great! Another full house, and a completely fresh batch of hilarious topical humour from the Political Asylum regulars, along with great guest spots by Toby Sullivan, Tom Ballard, Scott Abbot and Rob Quantock. The only challenge for the evening was trying to stay cool! 80+ punters completely packed out the Green, making it a bit of a sauna on a very hot November night. Fortunately the improptu Toby Halligan: Waterboy delivery service helped keep the audience refreshed.

Next Month
Next month's show is of course the Christmas Island special.
The lineup:
- Michael Chamberlin
- Aamer Rahman
- Courteney Hocking
- Toby Halligan
- Jon Brooks
- Zubin Pratrap
with a special appearance by The Hounds,
and hosted by Mathew Kenneally.

Sun 13 Dec, 7:30pm
Brunswick Green

313 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Come along, and discover the lengths we've gone to to cool down the room.
- Will there be complimentary ice helmets?
- Are we installing a slip 'n slide?
You'll have to be there to find out.

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