Swear-ific merchandise and new Liberal frontbencher diary entries


Tony Abbott must have felt his ears burning in hell last night after the onslaught he suffered at Political Asylum. Another fabulous lineup (including great spots from a bunch of Political Asylum newbies) had the packed house in stitches once again. Melbourne clearly loves its topical political comedy.

Great Merch

The Tony Abbott hate has been so great of late that Political Asylum co-founder Courteney Hocking is expressing her rage via some awesome new merchandise. If you'd like to proudly remind Mr Abbott of the personal political power that you wield, then grab one of these fab badges and stickers.

Purchase them here: ifuckandivote.blogspot.com

The Anonymous Liberal Frontbencher is back!

Fresh from his Hawaiian holiday, Australia's favourite frontbencher is roaming the corridors of power once again. Or, more likely, cowering under his desk trying to hide from Barnaby Joyce.

Read the latest entry here, or start from the very beginning.

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