Comedy Caucus 2010 was a sellout; ComFest rolls on


Last Friday Political Asylum put on its big special event at the Comedy Festival, and it was AWESOME! Having sold almost all tickets in advance, the last few seats were snapped up at the door. The audience was treated to two hours of the best political comedy that the Comedy Festival had to offer, including a feature spot by US comedian Jamie Kilstein, and they loved it. The success of the event confirms that Political Asylum is THE home of topical political comedy in Melbourne.

In the aftermath, don't forget that the Comedy Festival hasn't finished yet! Every performer at Political Asylum: Comedy Caucus 2010 is performing in at least one other show at the festival. Check them out before things wrap up on Sunday:
Aamer Rahman
Ben McKenzie
Courteney Hocking
Jamie Kilstein
Jon Brooks
Mathew Kenneally
Nazeem Hussain
Rod Quantock

Toby Halligan

And after the festival, Political Asylum will be returning to regularly scheduled programming, second Sunday of every month at The Brunswick Green, with comedy that is always topical, always new. Next gig is Sunday 9th May at 7:30pm. We'll have more details on the lineup closer to the date.


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