Funny new video from last month's show now online


Last month's Political Asylum show came right on the heels of the Israel/Palestine blockade stoush, as well as inflated interest in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Check out this YouTube clip for just a handful of the show's better moments.

To other news, and in a dramatic and completely unexpected turn of events overnight, Comedian Jon Brooks has succeeded Mathew Kenneally as host for this Sunday's Political Asylum show. Apparently, Kenneally stood aside when he realised that he no longer had the support of various nameless powerbrokers. Brooks is the first ever Adelaide-based host of Political Asylum, but we're not gonna make a big deal about that. His natural hair colour is unknown.

Political Asylum: Spilt Milk Edition
Sunday 11th July, 5:30pm
The Brunswick Green
$10/$5 at the door


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