Political Asylum - hosted by ???


Political Asylum is this Sunday 11th July, 5:30pm at The Brunswick Green. $10/$5 at the door.

Hosted by: Well, I'm not sure who'll be hosting to be perfectly frank. Kenneally is scheduled to host, and he was nominated as host by the will of the collective. But some are saying that his hosting of late has been sub-par. There have been no overt signs that anyone is plotting to replace him, though who knows? These things can happen mighty fast. You'll just have to turn up to Political Asylum on Sunday to see if the person playing host is who you think she'll be.

Regardless, you can expect much laughs from the following fine performers:

The amazing, award winning Damien Callinan
Political Asylum fan favourite Nelly Thomas

Mathew Kenneally
Courteney Hocking
Nazeem Hussain
Ben McKenzie
Jon Brooks
Scott Abbott
Toby Halligan

Last month's show was standing room only and it's sure to be another cracker this time around. I would say "see you there" but unfortunately, for the first time, I won't be. Please be kind to my comedian flock in my absence!

Simon Barber


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