Political Asylum: Gaddafi/Carbon_Price/Sheen-WINNING! edition


Lots of great comedy for you this weekend - if anything, come on down just to see the fabulous Dayne Rathbone, who moonlighted with Political Asylum last year on our election tour of Canberra and brought the house down with his on stage antics.

Sunday 13 March, 7:30pm
The Brunswick Green
313 Sydney Road, Brunswick

Scott Abbot
Dayne Rathbone
Mohamed El-Leissy
Catherine Hall
WATSON (Adam and Tegan)
Ronny Chieng
Mathew Kenneally
Toby Halligan (MC)

P.S. Ticket sales are slowly ticking over for our Comfest special on April 2nd at the Melb. Town Hall. And keep your ears tuned for news of a special guest performer... Last year we sold out at ComFest so think about locking this one in. http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2011/season/shows/political-asylum-comedy-caucus-2011

Entry is $10/$5 at the door.

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