Political Asylum: John Winston Howard, OM, AC, SSI, LOL, ROFLCOPTER edition


Welcome one and all to 2002! That's correct, isn't it? We started the new year with John Howard all up in our faces in the news coverage, so it must be, like, a decade ago, or something, right? Ah, of course not - the Queen just wanted to remind us of our illustrious past with old green-and-gold tracksuit man. How nice of her!

Political Asylum kicks off the new year THIS SUNDAY with a cracking new show. Join us for laughs, drinks, and even air conditioning, at The Brunswick Green, 313 Sydney Road Brunswick.

Sunday 8 January 2012
7:30pm @ The Brunswick Green
Full $10, Conc $5, at the door

Facebook event here.

Rod Quantock
Dave Quirk
Ben McKenzie
Nicholas J Johnson
Geraldine Hickey
Matt Grantham
Simon Keck
and Toby Halligan (MC)

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