Political Asylum: post-truth edition


Welcome to post-truth politics, Romney/Ryan style! Join us as we lower taxes, reduce the debt AND maintain spending levels. Marvel as we ban abortion and support choice AT THE SAME TIME. Watch in awe as we condemn the successor to OUR OWN healthcare policy. It's a fire sale! ALL TRUTH MUST GO!

This Sunday at Political Asylum we bring you the talented lies of:
- Rod Quantock
- Damian Power
- Toby Halligan
- Nicholas J. Johnson
- Mike and Andy
- Alan Driscoll
and hosted by the always slanderous Mr Matt Elsbury!

Political Asylum Comedy Room
at The Brunswick Green
313 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Sunday 11 November
5:30pm - 7:30pm
$10 Full / $5 Conc.

Facebook event.

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