Political Asylum: Boat Stopping Edition


At Political Asylum, we've had it with comedy audiences. Turning up month after month, laughing at our jokes, validating our self-worth, contributing to our community. Quite frankly, we don't appreciate any of it. As far as we're concerned, you should all just f*#k off back to where you came from.

As such, we hereby decree: that all comedy-seekers wishing to see some comedy at Political Asylum this month, even if they do in fact turn out to be genuine comedy-seekers, will instead be redirected to alternate comedy venues. We'll laugh at our own jokes, thank you very much.

The fantastic comedy lineup you'll be turned away from includes:
Jon Brooks
Stella Young
Ben Pobjie
Mick Neven
Jack Druce
Nelly Thomas
Sofie Prints
Rosalie Delaney
and Mathew Kenneally

Sunday 11 August @ 5:30pm
The Brunswick Green
313 Sydney Rd Brunswick
Full $10 / Conc $5. Tix at the door.

Facebook event

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