This Saturday is gonna be a LATE NIGHT RIOT!




Sat 5 April, 11pm, Melb. Town Hall
Only 4 days until Political Asylum at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Our local wonksmiths are polishing their applications for damedoms and knighthoods; our interstaters Scott Abbot and Jon Brooks are studying their flight safety cards for what to do in the event of completely disappearing off the face of the planet mid-flight; the Melbourne Town Hall is preparing for an influx of left-wing plebs with too much disposable income. IT'S GONNA BE A LATE NIGHT RIOT!
Featuring Stella Young, Rod Quantock, Mathew Kenneally, Scott Abbot, Nelly Thomas, Jon Brooks, Mick Neven and hosted by Toby Halligan!
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Also check out some other great shows at the festival from some of Political Asylum's favourite comedians:
Damian Callinan The Lost WW1 Diary of Private Paddy Callinan
Mick Neven Make Your Own Bong: And Other Handy Hints For Winning the War on Drugs
Ben Pobjie Trigger Warning
Rod Quantock Peak-A-Boo
Nelly Thomas is Pleasantly Furious
Stella Young in Tales from the Crip
And this week only, don't miss The Law Revue at The Forum for all your legal laughter needs!

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